My Way of Living [2016-07-03

  • Petunias and Power washing

  • The roaring twenties, and the dirty thirties.

  • If it wasn’t the heat, maybe it was the strawberry margaritas

  • Bittersweet heat

  • An Ode to the Milo CLP Gang

  • Counting daisy petals, I love you, I love you not

  • Coconut water, or how to rate small town living

  • Peas full dreams

  • Celebrating being in the garden

  • Strawberry lemonade popsicles

  • The good, the smelly, and the best for last

  • Don’t eat that, I just planted it

  • When bad things go bump in the night!

  • Many things…

  • Adventures in [indoor] camping

  • For Rent: sky high house is for the birds

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