My Way of Living [2016-07-24

  • If you can’t find the ocean, make your own waves

  • Half of my heart–the ocean has half of my heart

  • Monday Monday…

  • Thunder, sparks, hail, not just another everyday storm

  • It’s like sushi for frogs

  • I'm Training To Be An Ironman... Or so I think.

  • 2nd Blogiversary

  • Creative cat designs a Zen garden

  • Garden tours 5 cents

  • Mission impossible, amorous orange kitties, and garden Diva’s

  • Summer paused to take a breath

  • Cherries are the pits

  • On The Frailty Of Life And An Untold Milo Story

  • Musings Of the Lonely, Injured Runner

  • Technical Difficulties — Again

  • Raising money for the muffler fund

  • It’s all relative, transitions in aging

Random for running: