My Way of Living [2016-09-18

  • Stories I have told myself

  • A Challenging Slice of History : Conquer The Rock 10-miler Preview

  • It takes a long time to grow a old friend.

  • Why it’s not easy to be “not green”

  • Spend these days lavishly

  • Summer’s last sunset

  • Mother Nature, I give in let’s be friends

  • Full on summer daze continues

  • All this time?

  • Imperfectly perfect

  • Snow dazed… first snowfall contest

  • Hitler Finds Out He Didn't Make It To The New Balance Power Run

  • Days of peaches and caramel popcorn

  • When the first leaves fell

  • Summer’s exit strategy

  • The Dahhhhhhllia Darling, the Dahlia

  • My photography model has a cat-itude

  • The end of summer

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