My Way of Living [2016-05-22

  • Hiking on the mountain

  • Nature’s a noisy neighbour

  • Pinterest picks–Epsom Salt

  • Enjoying the sunshine

  • If you were my tree… a ode to a pink dogwood

  • My Cat garden has gone to the birds

  • Craving something pretty for the walls?

  • Dandelions of desire edge us closer to desperation

  • Last of the Lilacs

  • Of Mice and Masked Bandits

  • Glimmers

  • Tail in my tea… TAIL IN MY TEA BOOTSIE!

  • Peace, and thank you

  • A dynamite place to visit

  • What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

  • The day our built in vacuum decided to become a blender

Random for running: