My Way of Living [2016-07-31

  • Bootsie does M-T-V

  • Blogging by the seat of my pants

  • Running Alternatives (First of a series): GBM's New Hobby Search

  • The summer porch

  • It’s… just life

  • Heartfelt blogging ♥

  • Getting the shot, in the land of big skies

  • Not comparison, but INSPIRATION, truly blogging

  • Dancing in the dark.

  • The glass is half full: of weeds

  • Why I’m not blogging with the big girls…

  • Hello August: Plain please, no cream, no sugar

  • A farm with a view

  • Life’s a whirlwind right now.

  • Creating a mirror image in Picasa

  • And Summer paused to take a breath

  • On Guts, Cajones, And A Multisport Debut

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