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For Rent: sky high house is for the birds

Looking for a cosy little nest, in a

1-Bird houses-0786

great location to raise the family? Look no further then this custom built decorators dream, in the latest trendy colors from Martha S. herself. Secure site, with excellent view of the valley, country living at it’s best.

View today, won’t stay

vacant long

this is CHEEP rent!

The tiny little bird perched on the fence and turned her head to the side, the worm wiggling in her beak, I was standing only a few feet away, watering my shade garden, and I was sure that she wanted some water. I made a mental note to put out some platters with water later when suddenly she flew right into the bird house above my head.

6-Bird houses-0848

My Dad made this bird house years ago, you can read about the Bird house project here, after we moved here we placed it on a 7 foot tall pole in the new shade garden beside the house.

5-Bird houses-0845

We just put it up a few months ago and thought that it would be vacant for many seasons before an occupant decided to give it a try.

2-Bird houses-0788

She flew in and out with tasty bugs for her babies oblivious to my watering just below her new home. Lime green leaves of the golden hops twine the pole hoping one day to surround the house in the sky.

4-Bird houses-0839

So far the view is excellent, and we are thinking the crows can’t get the babies because the bird house is deeper then normal.

3-Bird houses-0792

Boo our cat won’t bother her, we are looking forward to seeing the babies learn to fly. A perfect tenant, with cheep rent. Chirping…

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For Rent: sky high house is for the birds + Time