My Way of Living [2016-06-05

  • Rainy Day Peonies, I mean People

  • Weed or wonder? A gardener’s collection of questionable plants

  • Dear Neighbour, about that footprint in your garden

  • Less Words Wednesday.

  • Sometimes all it takes is a window over the kitchen sink

  • A walk in the country

  • A raincoat for my camera

  • Waterlogged

  • The silence of Sunday’s

  • Cool off, it’s hot outside

  • The baking soda experiment, and homemade weed killers

  • It’s raining muskrats, and mosquitoes

  • Reflections on a early morning water day

  • Will this be the year of the Zucchini, oh I certainly hope so

  • Just who is in charge here?

  • Well, it looked like a horse to me

  • In the out door

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