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Musings Of the Lonely, Injured Runner

Being injured sure does suck
You'll start to think you're running out of luck
When used to running to start your new day
Being deprived of what you love sure ain't okay

Surely the injury must have been your fault
Like a wound that needs a bit more rubbing with salt
But who else should go out and take the blame
The only question you ask is "Will I ever be the same?"

Being in recovery ain't very nice
You're slowly getting fat from eating all that rice
Boredom is horrible, every second, minute, and hour
Please change the channel, I'm sick of Gandang R

You're envious of your friends and their LSD's and races
If you're gone for any longer you'll start to forget their faces
You may even need to start looking for a brand new hobby
Knitting or coin collecting now seem none too shoddy

Trying not to run is the worst thing ever
The more you force it, the more you may run never
You're going cold turkey, your head light and hazy
A few more weeks of this and you'll go completely crazy

In your lonesome you think "maybe it isn't for me"
Guess that's what happens when you badly injure your knee
Boredom pervades, you resort to creating rhymes
But even your dog would agree it's a lot of wasted time

When all things are said and are done
All you ever wanted was to really just have fun
You look at the happy times that happened way back then
And you eagerly await

The day you run again... ..

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Musings Of the Lonely, Injured Runner + Time