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1st ever Gingerbreadcast with Hector Yuzon of Second Wind!

Hi everyone! So fine, we went ahead and did it. We have a "podcast" now. It's really just to give an added dimension to your reading experience. We read about these people all the time. Most of the time we have never seen them or talked to them in person. Let's try to showcase the next best thing and pick the minds of these running heavyweights.

For the very first edition of "The Gingerbreadcast", (Yeah, creative. Name of the year candidate right there. I know. Email me your bright ideas) we have Second Wind proprietor/ultramarathoner/walking running encylopedia /nice guy Hector Yuzon join us for a quick chat. The very first time I had met him was when I had done my gait analysis. I was truly impressed with the wealth and breadth of his running insights, as well as the looming principles that served as the backbone of his commitment to give back to the sport that he loves. So check it out, hope you enjoy :)
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1st ever Gingerbreadcast with Hector Yuzon of Second Wind! + second wind