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Thrifty living 2012 – Gas Guzzlers, and it’s all hot air
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Remember Sunday drives, the days when your parents would load you, and your siblings into the old gas guzzler that served as the single family vehicle, and aimlessly drive around for hours? Looking at neighbourhoods, checking out houses, or maybe just going to visit the countryside to look at the farms. Maybe afterwards your Dad would fill up the guzzler for the week at the gas station, and it might cost around $.20 per gallon, and he would grumble at the cost of filling the tank.

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Those days are gone like a puff of hot air now, with gas prices skyrocketing, it’s not uncommon to see prices of $1.49 per litre. [ 1 Liter = 0.26 US Gallons, which is approximately $5.68 US per gallon. This is a great site to use to convert prices, and size of gallons, since Canada uses litres, and the US uses Gallons. I’ve combed through some fuel consumption sites in order to gather together the most common tips on how to save both money, and fuel. And since it’s all about thrifty living in 2012 here we go. Braking 101: One of the top tips across all of the sites is all about braking. Avoid breaking suddenly, or hard, and don’t be taking off too fast, it uses up a lot of gas. Remember vehicles are heavy, and once they are stopped it takes a lot of gas to get them going again. So if you do a lot of city driving, or drive in traffic leave that little bit of space between you and the car in front of you, so you are not forced to brake too suddenly. Slow down speedy: Drive slower: For those with a lead foot this might be hard to manage, but it will pay off in the long run if you can train yourself to drive slower. There are some sites that claim a decrease in speed from 75 mph to 65 mph will save you 12% in fuel. Worth a try, so slow down.

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Small is better: Get a smaller vehicle, because larger vehicle = more to move = higher fuel consumption. With the thought in mind that fuel consumption varies from vehicle to vehicle, make sure to do your research before your purchase. You’ve got junk in your trunk: While you are at it, get that junk out of your trunk, I am a repeat offender for this crime, all sorts of things go for a long ride with me… and it’s adding up in increased fuel consumption.

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Cruisin on a sunny afternoon: Cruise control when used correctly and safely, will save you a average of 7% in your fuel consumption. Wroom, wroom, baby. Just don’t use it in the city. Idle times: Don’t let your vehicle idle excessively, it wastes gas, in the extreme cold weather use a block heater, or let the vehicle idle for only a short period of time, and then drive slowly for the first little while until it warms up.

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It’s all hot air: Air conditioning, to turn it on, or to sweat it out? Turns out they are divided on whether or not to use your air conditioning, and maybe your parents were half right. Yes is does consume a small amount of fuel, but not that much. So if you are city driving, wind down those windows, and let the fresh air in. On the hi way save fuel, by reducing drag from open windows and let the air conditioning be the breeze that flows through your hair. Hope you can find something useful in here, and that you do save some fuel. For more tips on saving gas, check out the Frugal Five, who are joining in on Thrifty Living 2012. Brenda , Claudia , Elaine , and Diane , and me, Jane. Come back for Farm Friday… it’s all hoops, and prickles

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Thrifty living 2012 – Gas Guzzlers, and it’s all hot air + RUN