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Necessity is the mother of a “toasted bagel”
toasted bagel

Well, the correct term is necessity is the mother of invention, but in this case it’s a toaster. See there are two kitchen boxes left to be unpacked, and I seem to have lost my necessary unpacking energy. Could be the mounds of cardboard, and newsprint that seems to multiply as soon as we turn our backs.


I had a toasted sesame seed bagels on my mind, and a craving that drove me, until I went out and bought some to appease it. At 200 calories each, these are treats, toasted and slathered with butter they are memorable, and nothing that a few hours of unpacking won’t work off.


There wasn’t a toaster to be found, not anywhere, so that drove me to look through the last two boxes, the ones that I have been avoiding all week. Well they are the last two in the kitchen… there’s still boxes in the garage, and I think that they are multiplying also.


The boxes got unpacked, the toaster is found, and I had my toasted bagel treat, life is good. Obviously I am motivated by the thoughts of food, except I really can’t get too enthusiastic about unpacking those boxes in the garage. Cheesecake anyone? PS: These are all shots of “Next Door Kitty” Allie, he was Boot’s kitty nightmare, but such a sweetie to us.

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Necessity is the mother of a “toasted bagel” + Light