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Gingerbread on Vacation : Fun Times In Pearl Farm (1st of two parts)

With the pressure of his gingerbread duties increasing by the day, Gingerbreadman decided just to go away from it all to chill out, lest he implode and flatline like a pancake. The chosen destination was Pearl Farm, located in the durian-infested land of Davao. Will he survive the travails of Northern Mindanao? Will he battle it out with the Abu Sayyaf? With running taking a back seat for the first time in ages, our tale unfolds in the witching hour of a dreary Saturday in Ortigas

Chateau Gingerbread, 4:00 am

*Yawn*. (u_u) Oh lord this is so stupid . Why did they ever create this thing called check in? My flight is at 7:30. Why do I need to get there 2 hours before? Must... sleep... .. sweet sweet bed... I'd wake up this early for race but for a flight? UGH. OH GOD the DOG gave me a LICK on the PECKER. His name is Stroganoff but I should have named him Yuckzilla or Slobbomania. I better get outta here... . Ptooey.

All I ever wanted was to be loved... ...

Somewhere in Edsa, 5:30 am

Tito Caloy : So what airline are you taking?*
GBM : Cebu Pacific. Didn't I just tell you that before we left?
Tito Caloy : What a crab.
GBM: Why shouldn't I, you still owe me 350 bucks from that Mizuno no-show of yours
Tito Caloy : Ohhhh, that. Ah, eh, I'll give it to you later, um, all I have are thousand peso bills and I don't wanna break them.
GBM: ... ... ..

Tito Caloy : ... ... ...

(awkward silence)

GBM : Ugh,I can break it, I have change... .

Tito Caloy : Aaaaaah... . Yeah of course. Anyway, have I told you of that time when I dated Doc Vicky... ...

GBM : Sigh. This internet celebrity thing is really getting to him... .

* courtesy of Google Translate

70's Casanova here

NAIA Terminal 3, 7 am. Counter Girl in the Coffee Shop where the Chicken Sandwich was horrible.

Hi. You don't need to know my name. It's not that you guys would care . Okay okay for the sake of discussion maybe you could call me something. Call me... Chastity. Anyway, I'm the girl that works the counter here at the fancy coffee place here in NAIA- 3. And everyday, I see people flying out into the great unknown, fulfilling their hopes and dreams. Exploring hitherto undiscovered lands, savoring life to the fullest. How I envy them. Except for this chump. Yeah, the one in the baduy yellow shirt and oversized weird watch. Was never a Kris fan. I thought Phillip Salvador was cute though. What a freeloader. He bought a paltry chicken sandwich and he's been sleeping here for nearly 2 hours. What a loser. I am so tempted to record his snoring and turn it into the next novelty hit for Lito Camo. Oh, the king is awake. Finally going to get some peace and quiet here. But hey, at least he's going somewhere. ... .He just talked to someone on the phone, I presume it's his chick. His voice turned really cheezy. Sigh. At least someone cares for him... .. Pearl Farm. So that's where he's going. I wonder where that is. Hay. One day, I'll get my chance. I'll get my shot ... . Someone will love me and show me the world too... ..

It was so much better when he was seated there...

Boarding Gate. 7:20 am. GBM

Boy, that was the most emo counter girl I've ever seen. Freaky. Too much of that Jake Cuenca/Kim Chiu telenovela. Anyway, we're boarding now. Ouch the dude from Cebu Pacific tripped on the Indian guy's laptop charger. Indian dude is steaming. Which is weird. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around. Boarding time. So many people in masks. A single sneeze sets off an exponential series of leering looks. I should have taken that vitamin C Gingerbread Gal was giving me. *sneeze*

The Swine Flu got em all... ... .

Cebu Pacific Flight 5J750, 8:00 am. Kajo. Stop checking me out. Duh. Anyway, my name is Katherine Josephine. My friends call me Kajo for short. And yeah, I just looove being a flight attendant. I mean, you meet so many cute guys. And pilots! Oh I'm sooooo happy they put me in the same crew as my buddies from flight attendant school! They called us the Queen Bees because we were all prettier than the rest. Any else who disagrees is just jealous. As for the work, ugh I hate how these people think I'm they're nanny or something. Why do I have to be nice to THEM? So many questions! Requests! Duh! Duh! They're going to give me worry lines. Look at this old man. Help you with your luggage? Help yourself ! I'm like half you size DUH you expect me to help you? Can't you see my dainty hands? What's with these people? We're here to look pretty! Not carry luggage! Ugh. Unlike this guy. Cool shirt. Did you know I modeled for the I am Ninoy Campaign? I appeared on screen for 2 seconds! That's 2 more seconds than you'll ever get on national TV. Anyway, he ain't half bad even . But he looks crabby. Or sleepy. Or maybe I'm not his type. Hmph. That CANT happen. I'm EVERYONE"s type. If that's the case, he's on my X list for this flight. HMPH . I'll show him.

I'm going to give him the evil eye I swear Cebu Pacific Flight 5J750, 9:00 am. GBMOkay, flight's going okay, unusually high amount of pressure on my ears though. Are we traveling at a higher altitude? Guy next to me is leaning on my shoulder. He snores too. How sweet. And what's up with these flight attendants? They are soooooooo sooooooo crabby. They're frowning and they look totally unapproachable. They're sorta pretty, I'll give them that. Sorta. But they strut around like they own the place, and project a vibe of "I'm prettier than all of you". All these girls are so surly, it's like they took all the b___hes of their training class and put them in one flight. I mean why would they get into this line of work anyway? They could give my 4th grade Math teacher, the one we nicknamed "Groucho Marx"., a run for her money. It's awkwardness 101 here. I'll just sleep this off, I'm pretty sure those frowns will turn into wrinkles by the time they're 30. *snore* (to be continued)

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