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Spring searching

Bootsie peers intently out the

Spring searching

window at Daisy the black lab next door, while perched on the top of the cat scratch post. He rarely goes up there, it’s too wobbly for him. But the lure of watching her while staying unseen is tempting him to stay. I grab my camera slowly, and ease back into the kitchen chair he’s camera shy, and doesn’t like to have his picture taken at all, if he knows I am doing this, he will leave, but he is too cute not to try and capture him framed in the window. No time to adjust the settings.

1-Spring searching-1637

For all the world it looks like he is gazing onto the backyard searching for signs of spring…

2-Spring searching-1666

Ice falls off the roof with a startling bang, the slight soft rain we had that morning is helping to release the snow back to where it came from. Not soon enough for those of us who love spring the best. But the loud bangs disturb the Boo, and he is woken from his myopic dream, he looks at me, closer likely more in focus then the far away dog, shakes his fur, and jumps down.

6-Spring searching-1683

Search for spring, interrupted, and forgotten. Until the next time, spring fever hits again.

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