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Tickling the mountain tops

Low clouds continue to tickle the mountain tops, sprinkling false snow onto the fields.
They have not been overly generous.
A little here, a little there, more dirt then snow is showing through like a badly wrapped gift.

Clouds will tickle the mountains

No matter how they laugh and move playfully from mountain to mountain, we know that the clouds are waiting to drop more snow on our area.
Winter is coming, ripening in the background, there is little to do but wait.
Pull out the scarves, the hats, the gloves, and the dead frozen plants that line the walkway.
Dust off the snow blower, the shovels.
Find the ice salt, the hand warmers, the hot cocoa.
And wish the BBQ a good winter rest.
It’s coming, tickling clouds, grey skies, cold feet, and warm hearts. I had planned on writing a post the other day, but the “things” had other ideas… you know those “things” they seem to get in the way of life all the time. Inserting themselves in between what you want to do, and what you end up doing.
So to the “things” in life that make it harder to write a blog post, sptfpttt! take that.
You can’t keep a good blogger down.

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Tickling the mountain tops + Story