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It’s snow surprise, or is it?
Okanagan landscapes school bus

This will be my third.
Winter that is.
Soon to be winter I suppose, since it’s still technically Autumn.
So maybe that’s why I find it so surprising to see snow in November? Maybe because where we used to live on the West Coast, there would be a earth shattering snow storm only every few decades, with little to nothing white fluttering down in between.
And it stays, is that a joke?
Here it can start anytime after Halloween, talk about a Autumnal hangover, and has been known to stay until almost April.April fools anyone, the jokes on us? That’s a long time to have the white stuff hanging around, shovelling the driveways, and dripping from the eves, clogging the sidewalks in town

Okanagan landscapes fields

But before that happens
Sometimes it snows, and others it just drifts away into the sunset… then just when you think it’s not going to happen, it snows, and it stays… brrr. Hello January.
Then winter really starts to happen, it’s the kind of weather that makes Autumn look like a cake walk, bitterly below zero cold, piles of snow everywhere, dirty snow that melts and freezes more then a recycled ice cream cone at the fair.
I’m shivering just reading that over again.

Okanagan landscapes sunflare

No really, I’m not complaining
And it’s all relative isn’t it? We are cold compared to the West Coast, but compared to some other bloggers what we get for winter is nothing. I’m not complaining, really I’m not.
Somewhere under all that white cotton batting cloaking everything like cotton candy on a stick, will be a garden, lawn, and summer. We get four very distinct seasons, with winter, and summer being the longest.
Look at my silver lining
For now the surprisingly snowy scene out doors, complete with the last graceful splashes of Autumn color desperately clinging to black branches looks beautiful. Even covered in white, the landscape is still gorgeous, and most of the people up here know how to drive in it. Shovelling is good exercise, and fresh air is nice.
See there’s a silver lining to everything, and it’s not just on the inside of the snow shovel, or the emergency blanket in the trunk.

Okanagan landscapes golden fir

Here comes the sun!
What a difference a day of sun can make in the life of someone who loves their camera. It was doom and gloom in my other post, trying to find something, anything good about all the beautiful leaves falling off the trees, it felt as if Autumn was short lived, and going, going, gone. I didn’t like the rain, it wasn’t something that we are supposed to be getting up here.
Yesterday it snowed, but that is mostly gone also. The day before was lovely with sun peeking out behind the clouds, it’s rays reaching and warm. Makes that long walk around the country block even nicer when the sun is shining in your eyes. And if you look hard enough there are still some leaves on the trees, despite the new snow, and the cold.
I’m looking forward to bright mittens against white snow, stark branches, and lots of sunshine to make up for the cool temperatures. Beats the rain we left behind, any day.
But that’s snow surprise.

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It’s snow surprise, or is it? + Visual