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Hope in the heart my world on a Wednesday

Cold ground, warm winds,
Rifling through fingers, tugging at hems. Spears of green startle the earth, shooting up towards the light.
Promises made, then broken by spring.

Elegance of eagles on updraft, circling, keening, white heads bright against a blue sky. Sifted clouds, shards of light from above. Translucent wingtips against the sun. Painted canvas a landscape of winter's muddy tones.
Dull greige, blends with verdant, and emerald, dabbled with touches of chartreuse. Poised, waiting, holding back.
Seed sprinkled, doves happy, feasting on the lawn. Giving, taking. Seasons.

Perennials stretch, peek, sleep.
Pots filled, lined up on a bench. Bend the mind more than the body. Spade digs deep with a crunch, searching for roots.
As transplants watch a cat chase, tail flicking, feverish dashes across lawn. Dirty garden gloves litter ground.

Light fades, longer each day. On a Wednesday in my world, it's spring.

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Hope in the heart my world on a Wednesday + Story