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By George, oh brother where art thou?
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A not to subtle reference to one of his movies, if you haven’t ever seen it, do so, it’s wonderful. George where are you? We’ve I’ve been stalking out that corn field and all I have found is the wasps are mean, and so are the security guards… you should talk to them about that. Chain link fencing, and corn stalks just don’t look nice in the countryside.
I’m kidding, I have not been stalking George, or Hugh, [Laurie that is], but apparently they have been sighted, just not around here. The Hotels are full to bursting with film crews, and the now sold out daily, famous best long johns ever sold in a gas station, owner has been interviewed, but no photos of George?

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The newspaper is begging for photos, so if there are any George or Hugh look a likes out there, they can make some big bucks. Not to mention some hearts swoon.
And you didn’t hear this from me, in case it gets back to my secret source, but a friend of a friend was asked to be a extra in the movie. AND HE TURNED THEM DOWN!

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Now why on earth didn’t they want a very tall, thin, 50+ curly haired blonde haired woman to be a extra… she definitely would not turn them down. I’m being type cast, not my fault they are looking for a shorter more ethnic looking extra.
What’s a girl gotta do to get a part around here. I promise I wouldn’t ask George, or Hugh for a autograph, really, truly, wouldn’t, and I wouldn’t point, scream, laugh in any abnormal way, talk loudly to gather attention to myself should they walk by, or swoon, unless it was from the heat.

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For sure, and cross my heart… oh, and I would promise to leave my big camera at home… no promises on the cell phone camera that could hide in my pocket though.
Oh George, be still my heart… and you too Hugh.
I’m off to circle the corn fields in a borrowed airplane… they have to be around here somewhere.

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For the record, this is all tongue, firmly in cheek, I am not flying above the cornfields stalking either of them. But we do know that they are out there somewhere making that movie, just not exactly sure. And if by some chance I have a George, or Hugh sighting, believe me you will be the first to know about it… after the happy screams wear down. It’s even made the National news, this is a big deal for our little town.
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By George, oh brother where art thou? + Visual