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Wednesday my world and spring stirs

Spring seeks to fulfill it's potential.
As s now blowers hibernate, and neighbors appear.
Heavier, older, happier.

Trees stretch, bees swarm in harmonious black clouds, honeyed splendor in a wooden crate. Fields thaw, flood, fill.
Dust flies, buds swell. Ducks speckle the fields like crumbs of a cookie dashed to the floor.
Cat stricken with unknown fever, rolls, runs, jumps, and suns as birds watch from trees.

Window cracked.
Sounds of nature's symphony crawl in through the screen as night comes on to fill it's shift.

Tiny frogs croak, calling to mountains that glow with the last light.
Geese, and ducks, honk, quack in formation, carried on the soft breeze.
Spring arrives softly.PS: Just in case you missed it, I'm moving from Blogger to Word Press at the end of this week. So Muddy Boot Dreams new home will be at
You can read about it here.
I really look forward to seeing you there, and hope that you will come along to see my new home.
Maybe I can get you to help unpack some boxes when you come to visit. And have you seen our new FaceBook group, The Over 40 Blogging World, that Laura from Simple and Serene Living, and I created? The response has been overwhelming wonderful. It's a great group of friendly bloggers getting together for support, and learning. Please check us out. Jen

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Wednesday my world and spring stirs + Story