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“This is your washer speaking, we are coming in for landing”
3-2009 08 17 141

A new to you home is always full of surprises no matter how good your home inspection went, and ours has surprised us a few times already. While we were touring the basement, the front loading washer upstairs was going through it’s paces. The house was empty for many months and there was concern that the seals on the washer might leak. The house inspector ran it empty on a cycle and we could hear it happily swishing back and forth upstairs, it passed.

1-2009 08 10 021

However we found out when we did our first load of clothes the night we moved in that it made a completely different noise when it was loaded with clothes. Groan… swhish… gurkkkkk Groan… swhish… GUUUUURRKKKK. That was nothing compared to it going into the spin cycle. We were startled to hear what sounded like a airplane approaching the runway for a landing, and ran to check out what was wrong. We stood there in disbelief while the washer happily spun the clothes round and round, the noise increasing to a steady plane landing like whine. I expected to hear a PA system announcement telling us to “fasten your seatbelts we are coming in for a landing.” We did get used to it, and can ignore the whining, and swishing noises emanating from it. But I still remain vigilant in listening to hear any different noises that might signify up coming troubles.

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Then the other day the dryer started to make a clanking sound very much like it was in pain, and I was worried. I asked my husband if he heard anything different coming from the dryer, and he just looked at me and shrugged. Even after some descriptive re-enactments of the “noise” he still just looked at me and shrugged. But to me it sounded like a broken dryer, or a older model that is on it’s way out.

4-2009 08 17 092

I was worried, repairmen cost a lot up here, and I would rather spend my budget on something else, the constant clanking noise was rather jarring, and hard to ignore. Then I remembered that he had lifted up a extra oven rack asking why it was being stored beside the dryer? No room for it anywhere else I said in reply. But apparently it had dislodged from the wall and fallen towards the dryer. So every time we turned on the dryer, that vibrated the rack against the metal walls, and made the noise.

5-2009 08 06 021

“Fasten your seatbelts this is your washer speaking, we are coming in for a landing, at clean clothes airport. Have a safe departure, and thank you for flying with dryer airlines.”

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