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So how was your day?
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I’ve always loved those “day in the life of” kind of series, the excitement of seeing how everyone else lives in those exotic places. Looking at what they must consider everyday humdrum scenery, and familiar places, that are new and exciting to us. I suppose as bloggers that why we like to share, and we like to see how others live. Not that much excitement going on here, the snow is still hanging on, the birds are chirping, and singing. Hopefully the nests will start to be filled up soon, I have a fascination with bird’s nests.

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Almost went off the road trying to get some shots of them today. I was focused on the birds nest in the bare tree, and completely forgot that the truck is wider then my old car. Whoops one big bump later, I just missed going into the ditch. Oh baby, that would not have made me popular.

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I am slowly discovering my new “favourite spots” for photography around here. There is a lilac hedge that is nothing more then bare twigs right now, but in a few months, I will be in there like a dirty shirt, taking shots of the fragrant blooms. I have a winter tree already, a Mountain Ash, that gets sugar frosted berries when the temperatures dip, and as long as I can be brave enough to stand in front of a neighbours house and take pictures… maybe I will just knock on the door and ask permission.

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Leaving my favourite haunts behind wasn’t easy, the Oak tree by the school, with the darling little acorns, and the park that was the first place the snowdrops bloomed in BC. The corner stores with the plethora of cut flowers, all jumbles of color and texture. I now have to search out new areas, and find new favourite photography subjects. I think I have a new gate, can’t wait to see the seasons change in the field around it. It’s just all part of my day, and how was yours?

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So how was your day? + road