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Hobble along with me, the best is yet to be

Friday found us, both at

6-Phil the flirt-2543

the Chiropractor, the L5? thingy, that place where your hips meet your back… Mine from vacuuming, see I knew housework wasn’t good for your health after all. Two most common reasons people hurt their backs vacuuming, and raking, the Chiro told us. Both which are in our immediate future, but what can you do. Maybe I can give up vacuuming?

1-Phil the flirt-2531

It was slightly sunny, so we decided to hobble around the big block together… and call it exercise, I’m sure it’s a mile or two.

2-Phil the flirt-2539

“You stop too many times” he told me… my reply “there’s a bird in the tree, I think it’s a robin, that would be our first official sighting.” I think of Connie from Far Side of Fifty and wonder if I should tell her about it. No, she is snowed in, wouldn’t want to make her jealous.

3-Phil the flirt-2540

“My feet still hurt” I tell him, “I have Plantar Fasciitis… remember?” This is said to the man who runs 6 miles every other day, and never seems to feel pain. He responds with, I thought you got those shots in your heels…? "That’s why they hurt” I tell him, “slow down, this isn’t a marathon, I thought it was a meander, and isn’t that a pussy willow tree?” I limp down the steep banking, and yes indeed it is a pussy willow tree, life is good. Somehow despite the heavy camera, and sore back I manage not to fall into the ditch… now that’s a even better thing. It would be a long, wet walk home if I did.

7-Phil the flirt-2548

We walk past one of my favourite red barns, no snow kitty today, and no cows. There are broken windows… I love old windows. Not particularly broken windows, just old ones.

8-Phil the flirt-2550

It’s not quite spring, not quite winter… it’s the quiet moments in between, punctuated only by sweet trilling tunes of a blackbird’s song, and a breeze. Hobble along with me… the best is yet to be.

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Hobble along with me, the best is yet to be + Visual