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Picasa, give it a try now, for me
Vignette and HDR-ish

Google has upset quite a few people by their announcement that Picnik is going to be phased out. It didn’t really affect me, since I had tried Picnik, and found it a rather maddening wait beyond the lovely “sending request” quotes such as “chasing butterflies,” or “picking daisies.”

Soften, and Boost

I just never caught on to it’s more complex offerings, almost all of the ones I wanted to use cost more money, and since I had discovered Picasa and all of it’s free delights years ago, I just never bothered to take the time to play with Picnik. I am sure it’s lovely, but it’s going away, so what are you to do? Go back and give Picassa a try, I think you might like it.

Tint and Soft focus

I have Lightroom and Photoshop, but I use Picasa for most of my blog photos, it’s quick, easy to use and now it has some fun Picnik settings to boot. I don’t need to think about what to do next when I use Picasa, I just do it.

Border with color changes

This entire series of photos took me minutes to make. It does get easier, and that’s the norm for any program, the more you use it, the easier it is.

Holga-ish and Vignette

So go back, reload Picasa, and give it one more try. I have the feeling that you won’t be disappointed. All of these photo effects were made with the new Picasa. And if you would like to know what I did to them, you should be able to hover over them and the title of the photo should come up.

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Picasa, give it a try now, for me + Light