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MBD a [quick] year in review

I wanted to write a

1-MBD Year end photos

review of our year to document some of the huge changes in our lives, but then I thought no one is going to want to sit through a slide show of too many photos. So here instead is a quick review of our year in collage form. January 2012 We move from the farm, to our new house. And baby it’s cold outside!

2-MBD Year end photos1

We meet the neighbours. And Boo starts to really settle in.

3-MBD Year end photos2

We plant a garden with all of my plants from the coast that have lived in pots for so many years, they flourish beyond my wildest dreams.

4-MBD Year end photos3

Through it all, I take photos, hundreds, and thousands of photos. I wish I had taken even more.

5-MBD Year end photos4

We rent out the birdhouse to lovely tenants. Did some sight seeing, and are constantly amazed at how much better locally farmed food tastes. Support your local farmer, they deserve it.

6-MBD Year end photos5

Summer slowly fades after a prolonged drought that taxed us all to the limit. We had no rain for months, and the unrelenting heat took some getting used to.

7-Dec 2012 Candy Canes snow fences2

In the depths of winter, I finally learned there was in me a invincible summer. Albert Canus And I learned to embrace the beauty of winter, instead of dreading it. Next year it all starts over again. Happy New Year to all of my blogging friends, and thanks for being such a great part of my world.

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MBD a [quick] year in review + Words