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In Motion Road X Trail Series

With off-road events experiencing a sudden resurgence, enthusiasts both new and old alike may want to check out this upcoming series of events from Finishline, to be held against the scenic backdrop of Nuvali. With running, cycling and Now if only a house in the area weren't so expensive.

Here are the details, pretty much everything is there already.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. What is In-Motion Series? In-Motion is the 3 part leg series of races per year hosted by Finishline. Each leg consists of a variety of single-sports discipline and multi-sports discipline. Each leg will begin with a running event as a jump-off point and culminate with a sprint triathlon. Refer to 2011 calendar of events for dates. 2. What is Road X Trail? Road X Trail is the launch of the In-Motion Series, that consists of 3 sports events: cycling (Dec 11), running (Dec 18), and duathlon (Dec 19). For each discipline, there are 2 types: road and trail. 3. What is Activate? Activate is a weekly training program to complement the In-Motion race series that aims to provide assistance in 2 ways: > Timed Training on your own time: Finishline to provide timing at running, cycling, and swimming spots. Weekday and weekend schedule shall be posted at > Train With a Personal Coach: Finishline coaches will develop a customized program, depending on the objective 4. What is MYCHIP?

MYCHIP is the first personal*, multi-sport** timing chip in the Philippines. *It is non-disposable, and can be used for a lifetime. **It can be used for running, cycling, swimming, duathlon, aquathlon, triathlon races hosted or timed by Finishline. MYCHIP price is Php 2,500 which includes, MYLAPS-ChampionChip Timing Chip, Neoprene Strap (for running and duathlon), and a bike clip (for road and trail biking). For more information on MYCHIP, refer to the leaflet or log on to MYCHIP owners avail of a Php 150 discount on registration fee for running and cycling fun ride, and Php 350 discount for other events. 5. Aside from using MYCHIP, how else can we avail of discounts? No discount on bulk registration. No discount for joining the whole leg. 6. Where can i purchase MYCHIP? For those who will register and will purchase MYCHIP, payment will be done at the registration sites, but race kit and MYCHIP will be delivered to the participant. Registration staff to write the complete delivery address beside the race number yellow box. 7. Do we have to activate our MYCHIP every time we join? No. MYCHIP owners are assigned a permanent unique chip code, which automatically registers as they cross the finish line. 8. Can we claim race kits on race day? No. For Running: Running kits will be available at registration sites on November 23 (Tuesday). For those who registered from Nov 15 - November 22, race kits will be delivered to them. Registration Staff to write complete delivery address beside the race number yellow box. For Cycling: Participants should claim their race kits at their designated registration site from December 6 - 10, using their race kit tickets to be given by the registration staff upon payment of participant. For Duathlon: Participants should claim their race kits at their designated registration site from December 6 - 10, using their race kit tickets to be given by the registration staff upon payment of participant. 9. What are the rules and regulation for winning? There are 2 ways to win: 1. Winners for each race category: Top 3 winners, Male and Female. 2. Winners for each age category per race category: 1 winner per age category, Make and Female. There is a total of 12 age categories: kids 8-11 yrs. old youth 12-15 yrs. old 16-17 yrs. old 18-24 yrs. old 25-29 yrs. old 30-34 yrs. old 25-39 yrs. old 40-44 yrs. old 45-49 yrs. old 50-54 yrs. old 55-59 yrs. old 60 and above Participant to cross the finish line must be a registered participant to qualify. Timers to confirm split and chip times before awarding winners. Each winner to receive special winners medals. 10. What are the prizes? No cash prizes to be given. GCs and Products will be given to the top winners. 11. What will non-winners receive on race day? Each participant will receive a finisher’s medal, MYRACE analysis, and drinks from the beverage sponsor. 12. Can we ride with our kids without joining the race? No. Only registered participants can ride/run. In case of minors, a signed waiver by the guardian/parent should be turned over to the registration staff. 13. If we join the race, do we get discounts at the nearby hotels within the area? Where? Yes. For inquiries, call Paseo Premiere at 049 5413089 to 94 . 14. Can we join 2 or more criterium race categories? Ex. Cycling Active Dirt Criterium at 6:30am and Fit Road Criterium at 9am? Yes. 15. What kind of bike can i use for each race? Only road bikes will be allowed on road criterium categories. Only mountain bikes will be allowed on trail criterium categories. Both bike types will be allowed to join the fun ride category. 16. When do we get the results of MYRACE Analysis? MYRACE results will be posted within 24 hours. Finishline In-Motion Series Launch Brief


ROAD X TRAIL (“Road Times Trail”) leg will be the launching pad of Finishline, In-Motion series and MyChip Sports Timing. ROAD X TRAIL will include Cycling, Running, and Duathlon – 3 races in separate dates. Under each sports discipline, Finishline will be the first to offer two separate race routes (road and off-road) in one day. This means that participants may choose to join either road or off-road race.


  • Primary : for the longer distance race categories, we are targeting regular participants (elites and intermediates) of duathlon, cycling (mountain bikers and road bikers), running (trail and road runners)
  • Secondary: We will also target beginners and anyone interested in trying out new sports / muli-sports by offering shorter distance categories. Majority of them are either doing only running or cycling.
  • To introduce other sports to those who are limited to joining either running or cycling events only but would like to try other sports or combination of both.
  • To offer a multi-discipline event designed to appeal not only to experienced competitors but to newbies as well.
  • To showcase different sports disciplines in an accessible and spectator-friendly format.
EVENT DETAILS a. Venue : Nuvali, Sta. Rosa Laguna. b. Contact: Finishline website ( and contact number 570-8330. c. Registration Details: i. REGISTRATION 1. CYCLING - November 15 to December 8, 2010 2. DUATHLON AND RUNNING - November 15 to December 15, 2010 ii. RACE KIT REDEMPTION DAY – 1. DUATHLON AND CYCLING ONLY! – a. December 6 to 10, 2010 at your designated registration sites. d. Registration Sites: i. PASIG – All-Terra Bike Shop, Second Wind, GNC Megamall ii. QUEZON CITY – GNC Ayala Trinoma Mall & All-Terra Libis iii. MAKATI – RUNNR Fort Bonifacio Global City iv. MAKATI - GNC Glorieta 4 v. ALABANG – Grantrail Bike Shop & GNC Alabang Town Center 2. vi. STA. ROSA – SABAK Bike Shop & NUVALI Evoliving Center (Weekends only) vii. SAN PABLO – Green Planet Bike Shop e. Event Date and Distance : CYCLING - December 11, 2010 § TIMED FUN RIDE · FIT: 20KM · ACTIVE: 10KM · YOUTH (8-11yrs. old) : 10KM · KIDS (8-11yrs. old) : 6KM § CIRCUIT · ROAD CRITERIUM (Time + laps) o FIT (40min. + 4 laps) 2km single lap distance o ACTIVE (20min. + 2 laps) 2km single lap distance · DIRT CRITERIUM / SHORT TRACK o FIT (40min. + 4 laps) 2km single lap distance o ACTIVE (20min. + 2 laps) 2km single lap distance RUNNING - December 18, 2010 § ROAD · 10 mile - 16KM Run · 5 mile - 8KM Run · ACTIVE - 5KM Run · STARTING - 3KM Run · KIDS (8-11yrs. old) : 1KM § TRAIL · 10 mile - 16KM Run · 5 mile - 8KM Run DUATHLON - December 19, 2010 § ROAD DUATHLON · FIT: 3KM Run/ 20KM Bike / 3KM Run · ACTIVE: 1.5KM Run/ 12KM Bike/ 1.5KM Run · YOUTH (12-15yrs. Old) : 1.5KM Run/ 12KM Bike/ 1.5KM Run · KIDS (8-11yrs. Old) : 500M Run/ 6KM Bike/ 500KM Run § TRAIL DUATHLON · FIT: 5KM Run/ 30KM Bike / 5KM Run · ACTIVE: 3KM Run/ 15KM Bike/ 3KM Run Whew. That was a lot. At least they have a fun medal.

Check out the videos for a better idea of what the events are all about. Cool, nicely done.

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In Motion Road X Trail Series + winners