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All the leaves are gone
2010 11 18_4277

It happened so fast this year, first it got cold, then the leaves started to change, and a huge windstorm brushed them away. I never even really got a chance to show you the leaves of my ginkgo tree. They stay green, and suddenly change to golden yellow, and in a flash they shower down to the ground. Well worth watching day by day, because if you miss a day, it’s gone.

2010 11 18_4271

Over, kaput! And all the leaves are gone until the next spring.
Kind of reminds me of that Mama’s and Papa’s song…all the leaves are gone, and the skies are grey. I love that song.

2010 11 18_4280

Looking forward to spring, yes, that’s me. But there is still beauty in the bare branches, especially when the sun shines on them in the afternoon. .

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