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Gathering-my thoughts on Gingerbread
Red Country garden gate from Muddy Boot Dreams

Add caption Now isn’t that the cutest gate you have ever seen, when my toes and hands finally warm up, I am going back to take a photo of it covered in snow, there is a small gathering of snow around the ground, but it’s not enough yet.
Snow means that the plants are protected from the deep freeze chill that has settled in way too early here. I’m not complaining, I’m just hoping that the snow and cold means more sun, and light… camera and I are impatient.

Gingerbread men

The house smells like gingerbread, and there is nothing warmer and more inviting then the smell of home baking when you greet company at the door.
And decorating gingerbread – um people is fun too.
I need to make a candy run in order to find some decor for these cute little cookies… so far none of them are iced, but I am hopeful that they will last long enough to be done.
This is a great recipe for either chewy, or crispy GB men… crispy if you leave them in too long while you are on the phone, like I did. And the scraps roll back into cookies nicely, which makes them a great recipe for kids to play with, over and over. I used fresh ginger root in mine, instead of the crystalized, and powdered… be sure to use a micro plane if you do that if you don’t want hairy GB men, um women, um… people. Want the recipe email me: muddybootdreams[at] and I will send it to you.

Dapple design shop collage

And I have been meaning to mention for a while, these gorgeously crafted reusable gift bags that I won from Cristal’s Etsy shop, Dapple Design Shop giveaway. This is a great idea for reducing your Christmas wrap, and waste.
Mine are so cute… I keep wanting to use them for myself. Here’s a gift for you, Jane, oh thank you Jane, and here’s a gift for you Jane.
That way they are always at my house, and I can keep looking at them…
If you get a chance, drop by Cristal’s shop, she has the cutest stuff, and there is still time to get it before Christmas.
To be honest, I’m still wavering on this posting stuff… no I was not unhappy, it’s just that I can’t seem to post regularly right now, we all go through that. I used to write a blog post each, and every day… it was fun, then I switched to 3 times a week, and now even that seems too much some days, it’s the late night deadlines I am imposing on myself that make it harder to create, and there’s a lot going on at Christmas.
I’m thinking about twice a week for the Christmas season… I need to blog, I miss you guys, and it encourages me to keep taking those photos despite the darker days. And while I don’t really like keeping to a schedule, it’s better for me to do it that way, I’ll figure out the days, and let you know. Thank you so much for the support and your kind comments despite my ahem… whinging.
Meanwhile I am baking up some more cookies, making a list, checking it twice… I know who’s naughty, Bootsie knocked his cat dishes off of the counter, and broke them, this morning at 5 am. Guess who’s off of Santa’s good list, Boo Boo, you are getting the dog treats instead of cat treaties.

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Gathering-my thoughts on Gingerbread + Visual