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DIY wreaths – Farm style

It’s Christmas time, and everyone is making wreaths, decorating for the season. So I thought I would share a little “DIY wreath making — farm style.”
Take one rung of barbed wire, nestle over a fence post, and voila… your new farm style country Christmas wreath.
Add a quick dusting of snow, or a touch of ice, and you have the perfect decor item for your outdoor display. Actually I have been longing to shoot these rings of wire every time I pass by them. It seems I never have my camera when I needed it. So this time I made sure to include this fence post in my roaming around yesterday. Head on down to your local farm supply store for supplies.
We are venturing out on another home search today, keep your fingers crossed. I know it’s out there, we just have to find it.

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DIY wreaths – Farm style + Seasons