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The Winter Beach

We live on a peninsula here in White Rock, and have access to two public beaches, White Rock beach is a glamorous beautiful beach. Although it makes for some spectacular shots, it is my summer beach.

Crescent beach is my winter beach, where life is more relaxed. This is my favorite beach to walk on during a windy day. A cold northwest wind tickles your back, eagerly searching for space between your jacket, and sweater. When you leave, your cheeks flood with warmth as your car navigates the winding road back from the beach.
I take winter shots on this beach, with the diffused light coming over miles of water it has a ethereal feel to it. The gray sand reaching under the waves monochromatic, but fascinating.

Colorless seagulls shrill in the winds, the benches are bereft of visitors. A good lonely place.

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The Winter Beach + Things