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Let’s pretend summer goes forever
MBD White Hydrangea-0323

Let’s pretend. That summer never ends. That the leaves will never turn. That the chill in the air is only from the early morning. That the blues, and whites of summer flowers will never end. That the pinks, and greens will stay forever etched in our hearts. Hold out your hand, and let’s make a promise to each other that summer will never end. Pretend with me. That the sun will rise each morning a joyous ball of golden light, each day will be lit within our hearts by it’s beauty.

MBD White Hydrangea-0315

Let’s pretend that these warm days, and the stunning light continues on. Let’s pretend that there is no garden to clean up this year, that the flowers will bloom forever.

MBD White Hydrangea-0317

Shall we just sit awhile and enjoy the beauty that summer is. Tell me that winter will not come again. Promise me that the birds won’t leave.

MBD White Hydrangea-0318

What’s that in your hand, tell me it’s not a falling leaf… Let’s pretend. Living in a endless summer…

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Let’s pretend summer goes forever + Time