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Oh he is not amused
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Oh, he is not amused, so not amused. He found out that someone has pinned a photo of him on Pinterest, and titled it grumpy cat. He is not amused, one bit. In fact I think that face above says it all, “thanks a lot”.

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He wishes to set the record straight. “Boot’s”, and I speak for him because we all know that he can’t talk, wants everyone to know that he is not grumpy, and has no intentions of ever being grumpy.

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Except when, and I quote again… Dinner is late, lunch is delayed, and breakfast isn’t served with a side order of sardines. It’s been like that a lot lately… and he isn’t grumpy, he is not amused. Because the servants are not doing a good job. He also doesn’t like it when we play… “Where’s the Boo Boo.”

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He certainly is not amused.

Boot, and more:

Oh he is not amused + Visual