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Things that go"buzz in the night"

Don't know about you, but I don't like things that go buzz in the middle of the night. The other night when our heads hit the pillows we were out like lights, and that's why it was such a shock to hear the phone ring late into the evening. It woke me up, the double ring that signifies someone buzzing from the front door of the building echoing in my dreams.

Fumbling for the phone in the dark, vestiges of a dream sticking like cobwebs to my hands, I just missed the call by a split second before the answering machine came on. Hearing your own voice recite the"please leave a message" tune, in the dark, when you have been woken up from a deep sleep is eerie. Even odder is hearing your 89 year old neighbor laughingly tell someone standing outside the building as he buzzes random people, that he has woken you up. I know, this scenario should be reversed. But he is a true recycled teenager. He apparently realized that he left his keys in the apartment after being out all night. He then decided to buzz people, until he found someone to let him in. Just as he buzzed us, and woke us out of a deep sleep, another neighbor came to the door, and let him in. Sounds like someone needs a curfew.

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Things that go"buzz in the night" + Things