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What works for you... .. May not work for me :Negative Splits (1st of a series)

ning,Different Strokes for different folks. Horrible cliche, but when it comes to devising running strategies, training programs, shoe recos - you will get a plethora of answers that are oftentimes night and day in terms of theory and approach. The series would be dealing with the different strategies that runners utilize on race day, and the ramifications that arise from it. Hopefully, you will be able to deduce what is best from you.

The Negative Split - Just Pass me Brotha, I'll Catch Up Later In common running parlance, quite simply a negative split refers to a strategy that entails you running the 2nd half of the race faster than the first half. Some old-timers would swear by this strategy ; one gets the notion that if you were to compare this strategy with a boxer's fighting style, this would be much akin to the straight up, orthodox manner of boxing. Usually, adopting this method would appeal to the more experienced runners, as it takes quite a deal of endurance and patience to pull it off. The strategy that you adopt also has a lot to do with your personality type. A lot of runners miss out on this important element, as the race is just as much mental as it is physical. If done correctly, the psychological boost of passing slower runners proves tremendously satisfying and evokes the so-called "second wind" that all runners so covet. The cons to this strategy? The most obvious is that the newer, less experienced runners can't pull it off effectively. A common rookie mistake is to sprint out the first kilometer or so as they are lured in by the adrenalin and excitement of the race. The immediate implication is that they hit their lactate threshold so early that they are laboring hard throughout the rest of the race. In addition, the negative split may be difficult or nearly impossible for a normal runner to pull off in inclement weather. During the summer months, the sweltering heat may be too much for some runners to overcome. I have personally ran races where the neg split runners succumbed during the latter part of the race where they were supposed to be making good time. So what are your thoughts everyone? Are you a negative split junkie? Give me your thoughts!

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What works for you... .. May not work for me :Negative Splits (1st of a series) + training