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It takes patience to walk with a spring gardener.
2010 03 01 007

It takes patience to walk with a spring loving gardener equipped with a camera. We only walk a few paces before I suddenly stop, and peer into what seems like a pile of dirt to a non-gardener. Not realizing I have found a treasure, they sometimes continue onwards, only to find they have left me behind. On a beautiful day, there are disjointed conversations, because it seems we only get a few feet, before something else catches my eye.

2010 03 01 005

For me it is a absolute treat it is to find willing subjects just perching on the dark soil. Lazy heads nodding in the slight spring breeze. Cheery yellow faces, glowing in the sun.
Finally something colorful to photograph, no more somber browns, and gray textures. Small splashes of color, that request a audience with my camera. No, they do not request, they demand. I am loathe to leave them, and only do when another catches my eye.

2010 03 01 004

My husband, has extraordinary patience with me. Always willing to stop, and take the time to look at my treasures. I try to take the photos as quickly as I can, but I get caught up in the moment. Greedily drinking in these first brave flowers. Happy in the knowledge that spring has kept it’s promise, and returned to us once again.

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It takes patience to walk with a spring gardener. + Style