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DIY — painted photo backgrounds

I love Pinterest it’s full of wonderful ideas being churned out by super creative people, even though there is no way we will ever get them all made. But that’s OK everyone needs a goal in life. [I’m joking].

Painted photo backgrounds, and birds nest

I found a easy to create idea for painting photography backgrounds. I have made many of these, and although they are a bit of work, they are well worth it. Make more then one at a time, switching back and forth as you go, and it's half the work. I really like how they turn out, and how realistically they photograph as backgrounds.

Tutorial on how to make painted photography backgrounds

Those of us that love to shoot vignettes, or do a little food photography are always looking for interesting props, and backgrounds to add some depth to our photos. It's wonderful to have old weathered boards hanging around, they are a bit of a pain to lug back and forth when you are inspired to shoot something, not to mention rather heavy. So when I came across this tutorial from Sara at Home is where the cookies are , I was hooked. I can’t believe how well this turned out, she’s written a great tutorial on the process, and I am going to let her tell you how to do it. Click on the link above to read how she does it, brilliant.

How to paint your own photography backgrounds

I used a dollar store foam core board, with a paper cover, and was a little perturbed when the paper came unglued when I put on the first few coats. I peeled the paper off, and painted directly onto the foam board. This one is a bit dark, I would like to try a few lighter colored ones and some brighter backgrounds for flowers. A bit of acrylic paint, some foam board, a old bristly brush, and I gouged in some lines with my bone folder used for card making. I used 3 colors of paint to achieve this look. Black, off white, and brown… it’s so simple. The secret is in the layering, using a dryish brush to create contrast, use the darker color in the gouges, and lines, and a very dry brush with your lightest color to make them stand out.

How to make authentic looking aged wood painted photography backgrounds

I love how this one looks in photos, it’s very similar to my old pieces of barn board. It looks weathered, like something that has been out in the sun, wind, and the snow for decades. And the best part, it’s light, and portable, and I can stick it behind a door until I need it.

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DIY — painted photo backgrounds + Story