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An oddly freeing feeling

There are some things in

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life that when you finally get rid of them give you a little spark of delight. Some for good reason, like a bad relationship, an old beater of a car, a ragged pair of shoes. Or a website? How on earth does finally cancelling a web site give me this type of oddly freeing feeling? I have no idea.but it does. Maybe because I am severing ties to something that became more of a burden, than a joy and I couldn’t let go of it. Or maybe because there are new and open roads in front of me that there didn’t seem to be before. New horizons, it’s up to me.

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Having Muddy Boot Dreams blog tied directly to my business, was both a good and bad decision. Who knew that blogging would turn out to be so much fun, such a delight [at times], and inspiration [almost all of the time]. Having had to censor what I was writing because it represented my business, was at times stifling, a garden blogger was what I started out as. That square peg didn’t fit into my life, it was too constricting, too limited for what I grew into. Who can write only about plants, and gardens, never venturing past the garden gate. I’m not a niche blogger, I’m like a dragonfly, I like to sample all of the flowers in the garden, and then fly the fields.

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I love to write about what I feel, see, experience… the swooping sound of the giant raven’s wings as it passes over my head, or how it feels to see more then one eagle at a time fly by me on the way to the mailbox. How the copper colored sky makes the purple swelling of the tree branches glow above the snow in the fields, and why I didn’t regret not taking the camera that time.

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It means taking photos for myself, experimenting, learning, reaching past what were once boundaries… and loving it. Opening my heart, and soaring about my expectations… writing, and taking photos of what makes my heart sing, and hopefully entertains you. Now that’s a odd freeing feeling.

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An oddly freeing feeling + Visual