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Winter’s dominoes

Winter plays a slow game

4-icicles and birds-1106

of dominoes, stacking them up with precision, taking it’s time. Waiting until the last precious moment to push over the first piece. With the turn of the calendar month into February, Winter finally gave that needed first push, and the dominoes are starting to fall. Slowly at first, since they must gather speed, the icicles melt, the snow starts to recede, the ground opens up to the dark earth.

1-icicles and birds-0994

There is movement where before there was only the cloaking stillness of the snow. Bulbs will peek through, skies will gather up a indigo shawl, and mist it with peach colored sunsets.

5-icicles and birds-1105

Birds not seen since last fall will return to roost.

2-icicles and birds-0969

And then winter will turn to spring and say, now it’s your turn.

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