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No Winter Whining–Nature in winter

Nature in winter might be

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something you are missing if you spend your time inside of your cosy little house, barely peeking your nose out of your tightly wound scarf. But it can be very rewarding if you choose to leave the comfort zone of the fire and venture forth. Although it’s much harder to capture animals on camera in the winter, they are out there. A rare sighting of Cateous sit-ious in window From the pesky squirrel that continues to steal the black oil sunflowers from underneath the beaks of the flickers, to the pheasants that hang out in our neighbours back yard, they are out there.

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Even more rare daylight photo capture of deer in our front yard. And then we have the deer that are so brave they venture down the street from bird feeder to bird feeder, not minding the barking dogs, or howling coyotes.

5-icicles and birds-1013

Abominable dog-eous snowmanus We have the ravens returning, the crows defending their territory, the eagles soaring… life in the skies is so busy sometimes it needs it’s own air traffic controllers.

6-icicles and birds-1056

Thought to be winter hideout of snow-dogeous

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Local reporter, undercover It’s worth it to leave your house and venture out with your camera, and see what wonderful treats nature in winter has in store for you. I’m linking up with Heather for No Winter Whining. Join in our Pinterest boards, and Face Book page also.

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No Winter Whining–Nature in winter + Words