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Scenes from a mantle
2-Christmas ornaments-0951

Scenes from my ever changing mantle, this is today’s look. Who knows what tomorrow holds. There have been icicle lights, and snowflake lights, but I didn’t like all of the white wires so they are gone. Still haven’t painted out the bricks, I am holding off until we paint the living room, and the built in besides the fireplace. One day maybe, it’s on my list.

4-Christmas ornaments-0958

We might have a small problem with the newly put up Christmas tree, seems it was either thirsty, or we have sprung a leak.

1-Christmas ornaments-0950

There was a awful lot of water in the reservoir yesterday, and today it was completely dry. Hmmmm, might mean a problem. Especially since neither of us is willing to dismantle the entire tree, lights, and ornaments just to find out if it is leaking, or just thirsty.

3-Christmas ornaments-0953

We might just leave it up to Bootsie to try and do the job himself, while I was on the phone yesterday he was animatedly batting at a glass ball hung to low on the tree. Standing on his hind legs, and using both paws to bat away at it. This is from a cat who won’t stir for anything less then dinner. There might be trouble in Christmas with a capital “B” which rhymes with “C.” (=^.^=) Who me?

5-Christmas ornaments-0963

Some of you asked yesterday about the reason why we couldn’t have a live, or cut tree in the condo. It’s because we were a wood frame building, and it’s a fire hazard. The local fire department also outlawed having BBQ’s on the decks. Of course if you are a slightly forgetful elderly man, with penchant for lighting candles in plastic holders and forgetting about them burning all night, until the smoke billows out into the hallway and nearly kills you, that’s perfectly fine. Or if you are another elderly man who decides to put plastic shower curtains all around your stove to keep the cooking smells from the rest of the apartment, that’s perfectly fine, even after they catch on fire, and the toxic smoke makes you pass out, and your neighbours save your life. That’s fine… just don’t have a cut Christmas tree, those are hazardous. Seriously, why do you think we moved?

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Scenes from a mantle + Words