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More then a passing glimpse

We’ve been in our house for just over a


year, living in the Okanagan for 14 settling into place, it’s hard sometimes to believe that we are here. And then a moment, a passing glimpse tells me it’s all real. I truly believe that those moments are there to tell us how fortunate we are. What do you do after the dream you’ve dreamt for so long comes true? You dream another dream, face another challenge. And you live every day full of gratitude that your dream was the one chosen, and that you get to live it.


I know how precious living here is, I see it every morning as I look out my window and watch the birds at the feeder, instead of a new high rise going up across the street.


I hear it in the way the eagles keen to each other, instead of the chirping of a garbage truck in the alley. I know that the dog barking down the street means there are coyotes in the ravine, not a homeless person rummaging through our city dumpster for bottles.


I know that seeing my parents drive by while doing errands is a treasure… and shopping with my sister doesn’t have to be rushed because she is already home. Seeing my family in our small town is a blessing… I’ve missed them for too long. Home is here now, for all of us. And for that I am grateful. Our dream has come true.

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More then a passing glimpse + Words