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Hair cuts, folk remedies.and other life mysteries

Life is perplexing, and


intertwined with such mysterious events that sometimes we just have to shake our heads at the wonder of it all. Why on earth does your hair look marvellous the day you get it cut? What’s with that, the weeks before the appointment you struggle, well at least I do… and if your stylist is sick and cancels your appointment, and you’ve left it a lot too long between sessions… I guess that you would deserve to have your hair look like a cross between a rat’s nest, and a flock of birds for the last few weeks.


Why do birds poop on your vehicle in the middle of winter when there isn’t any unfrozen water to clean it off with… is that the gratitude we get for feeding them all winter? And why is it that when you finally manage to make a Doctor’s appointment, the symptoms go away, and you seriously consider cancelling it… but you know if you do they will come back? How many times has that happened to you?


Folk remedies… someone in my Mom’s building swears by celery seed for sore feet. After having Plantar Fasciitis [sore feet] for much too long, I’m willing to try anything. They work, kind of… go figure, well at least they work if you eat lot’s and lot’s of them. I’m experimenting with eating celery to see if it works also. I am trying to replace potato chips with celery… both are crunchy, one is salty, and tastes great, I’ll let you know how that one works out.


Parking spots, why is it when you spy a open spot at the store, someone always comes along and grabs it before you can get closer? Ever had that happen to you? Speaking of parking, with the snow gradually leaving many of the driving population are floored to find out that there are actual lines denoting parking spots in the lots. Shockingly enough, they still park any which way they can. No excuse anymore.


Any of life’s little perplexing mysteries bothering you lately? The Man Cold? Word press, or Blogger? Is it possible to share the TV remote control? And my most perplexing… will we ever agree on a temperature for the house? It’s either too hot, or too cold.

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Hair cuts, folk remedies.and other life mysteries + Words