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Fly through diner isn’t for the birds

Near our house is a chicken

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barn with crows and eagles that hang out to wait for the clean out days. It’s not uncommon for the crows and eagles to fight over the carcasses of the chickens that didn’t make it through the system. A few body parts are occasionally dropped by accident in our yard… unpleasant to clean up, but part of the great circle of life. The eagles are beautiful, majestic and proud, but not so proud that they are above a little opportunistic swooping up of unsuspecting pets from their backyards.

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The other morning we watched as first one, then three other eagles gathered in the dead tree across the street from us… I love them watching them. I noticed a new bird calling while I was outside, but thought nothing of it… I let Boo outside in the sunshine for a few minutes and went inside, he came in with me. We got a phone call from our neighbour, “make sure your cat is inside, the eagles have crossed the street and are in the fir trees in our yards.”

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Far away as they were, they could spot his little dog running around the backyard through all the trees, and one came swooping half way down the huge fir trees to examine him for lunch. These are full grown bald eagles, and while we doubt that they could carry off the rather rounded Boo, and slightly chunky Rocky the next door dog, I wouldn’t like to find out what damage they could do while trying.

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The most disturbing thing is that Rocky was running the yard while his owner tried to catch him… and the birds were not worried about my neighbour at all.

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Opportunistic, majestic, and looking for a easy meal, our pets are not going to be Eagle chow, so back off. This diner is not open.

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