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Ocean of icicles

Sometimes we take the accessibility of the ocean for granted. It’s a destination for so many people in the summer that it's too crowded, and too busy for us then.

2010 12 30_0265

I love the winter days, I almost have the beach to myself.
The other morning I knew that we would have a spectacular sunrise, and I planned on hitting the beach and capturing it.
It was cold, really COLD, but beautiful.
There were some diehards determined to walk the pier, even if it was a bit too icy for many people.

2010 12 30_0275

I caught my breath just before it became icicles on my face. The rising sun tickled my skin.
I was out there seeking a bit of peace and quiet, but even the ducks were drowned out by the sounds of early morning construction workers trying to “get er done.”
This seemed to be one guy’s favorite phrase, and believe me, if I had to work out there in the cold, dark morning, I too would be shouting “get er done” in the hopes of making the work day go faster.
Sound carries easily across the water, especially in the winter, and I felt sorry for the beach front condo dwellers woken up so early.

Construction at White Rock beach

The sunrise was a consolation, a gift from winter. Just imagine, every sunny morning for a week, waking to this.
A breathtaking view, and then someone yelling at the top of their voice… “get er done.”

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