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Running hot, and cold

It never ceases to amaze me how we bloggers have this magical ability to pull something out of nothing.
Such as:
Creating a blog post out of a inspired sentence, or experience that comes from…
A conversation

River walk

That you might be having with someone.
[Check out the great photo that Stephanie used a cool app on, with gorgeous results.]
A experience
And this all happens just in time, when you realized.
That yes, you should have been thinking about writing this post waaaay before the last minute.
But you were
Puttering in the garden, taking down the beans, drying the sunflowers for the birds.
Enjoying the flower’s last blooming hurrah before the first frost.
And maybe.
You should have been blogging
Instead of walking in the glorious sunshine down country roads with your beloved.
Taking time to refresh your creativity.
Wondering if the sheep will be out in the field.
And are there to be more cows in the red barn before the winter?
Discussing whether or not the caterpillar’s wide stripe means a hard winter.
Does a squished by a vehicle caterpillar mean that the stripe is wider, and thus a harder winter?

Sun on mountains in fog

Maybe a post evolves from a experience
Of dashing out of the house alone, in the early morning to take photos of fog patches that linger on the river.
Catching the only moment of sun breaking through the clouds, bathing the mountain in light for the entire day.
Despite feeling uncomfortable being out there alone on the river walk path.
Wondering if it was a good idea.
One eye on your truck with your wallet locked inside, and one hand firmly hanging onto your “much to expensive to replace” camera.
Hoping the that little town that you have travelled to next to yours was really safer at this time of morning than you thought it might be.
Wishing that you had brought your husband along instead of going off on a whim.
And being thankful that there was another person, who also was female striding towards you.
After all the unseen threats couldn’t take you both on, could they?

Foggy Autumn river

Making new friends
With her, while walking beside the gorgeous river and discussing it’s reputation for nature, and safety.
Only to realize just how vulnerable you felt once again when you had to turn back, retrace your steps, now alone passing that man staring into the magnificent river vista.
Despite his dog being beyond friendly, you still felt uncomfortable. He was so silent, and stern.
The area has less then a stellar reputation that early in the morning.

Foggy Autumn

But the views, the clouds, the mountains, the wild geese, and the ducks trying out their landing gear on the river.
The absolute beauty of being able to see as far as your eyes could strain.
The clouds, the sky, the glow from the hidden sun.
Took only your breath away.
And for that you were thankful.

MBD Blog just one more thing

Many thanks to all of you who take the time to read my blog posts, and to those who also leave a comment, even more thanks! I truly appreciate your time spent doing so.
A tip, a tip!
I’m just wondering if anyone else has encountered the jiggling, vibrating sidebars that seem to be happening to a few Blogger blogs… and thought I would share a solution that I found online.
If you use Chrome as your browser, you might have this problem also.
It may be the Google follower’s widget causing the problem, apparently it can be fixed by moving your follower’s button down lower on your sidebar.
As a reader a quick fix to stop the vibrations would be to zoom in or out to a different setting… say 110% or even 90%. That seemed to work for me if I am reading a blog with a vibrating sidebar.
And one more bit…
If you have a Blogger blog could you please check that the list of blogs shown in your profile has your most current blog at the top?
We are all so pressed for time, if you are a new commenter we might not know which blog is the one to read and comment on.
Also for those who use a Google+ profile for your Blogger blog, please consider putting the link to your blog in a extremely visual place, maybe even more then once… less clicks for us = more views, and comments for you.

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