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Finding the bright side of January

It’s not that hard to find something to love about this cold wintery month. Sometimes you need to dig a little deeper under that thick downy coating of white to find it. We are currently shovelling, and blowing through a EPIC, [yes, they used all caps] breaking snowfall.

Mountains and cluds

It’s a whopper, we can’t find the truck, or the driveway, and it was ploughed the day before. My entire garden is just one undulating mound of glossy white sprinkles… no shrubs, bushes, or plants are visible. Transit shut down in the AlmostBigCity nearby. Two snow days for schools, something that hasn’t happened in 45 years. The “Old Guy”s are telling us that they have never seen this much snow in such a short time. This in a part of snowy Canada that is used to big snowfalls. Considering most of the old guys are in their 80’s and 90’s, hence the term “Old Guys” I will have to take their word for it. My measly 3 winters here doesn’t really give me much perspective on it. Other then, it was oh my gosh cold that first winter, and the snow seems to stay around forever.

Snow covered trees

Branches have been cracking off of our giant towering Fir trees… piling up in the yard like a mound of pic up sticks. Not the kind of game you want to be playing when the trees are doused with so much snow they threaten to crack at one more snowflake. When the overly doused mounds of snow start to fall from a thirty foot tree… ”AVALANCHE” Just don’t be standing underneath one when it happens. So many of you have nice things to say about January, here are a few of them.

    1. Lady Fi: loves January with it’s vibrant sunsets. And she takes the most beautiful shots of them.
    2. Donna says: I love January for the warm fires, cold fresh air, gorgeous snowy landscapes and yummy bowls of steaming soup. So true Donna.
    3. Carolynn said: What I love about January is the days get longer and we're one step closer to Spring.
    4. Blondie finds: inspiration, those goals, the projects, the long forgotten pleasures of needlework or a crossword puzzle. And says she can finally relax.
    5. Lorrie tells us that:I like January because it's a good excuse to stay indoors, wrap up in a throw by the fire and read just for the pleasure of it.
    6. Nancy finds the:snow covered ground and frosted trees are definitely more beautiful than the brown, dry landscape without it

Power has been out twice, and most likely will happen again, so I am writing as quick as I can, saving as I go… fingers crossed, toes frozen.

Bootsie in the snow

“The Boo isn’t impressed with being inside but doesn’t think that going outside is any better.” He has this perplexed look when faced with mounds of snow where only a few days before he could walk on the shovelled paths. We are taking as it comes… it’s beautifully white, and it’s nice to see the deer prints in the front lawn in the morning. Here’s a bit more of the wonderfully January things you had to say.

  • Country Gal likes the fresh air: I love bundling up and going outside in the snow and cold for a walk or to play with my Miggs, especially on a sunny winter day then when I come in I feel invigorated and all fresh aired out.
  • Judy has a great attitude:I'm looking forward to each season, that is my new year's resolution.
  • Carla loves January for many reasons, and:January also is the start of one of my favourite TV shows, Downton Abby.
  • Diana wrote the most beautiful sentence: But we had a bowl of blue sky embroidered with clouds, arching from horizon to horizon.
  • Pamela knows that:January days are already getting longer.
  • Stephanie mentioned that:January days are already getting longer. And they are.
  • Ann will be busy:January is the month of birthdays.
  • Laura knows that January:makes me realize how much I love spring which is one day closer with each passing January day.
  • Ellen’s cheering for January:January's not a bad little month it just needs some appreciation!
  • Cristal loves January because:the days are ever so slightly longer.
  • Tamago is very adventurous:What I enjoy in January, or any cold days, is to have hot tea along with ice cream!

So I’m off to wade through the white stuff, it’s up to my knees, and you all know how tall I am. January Joy to all.

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Finding the bright side of January + Story