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Why this post is late today
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As if to celebrate our first year here we even had a bit of sunshine. But that’s not why this post is late. We went to the farm, walked down the long road to the creek watched the weak sunlight streaming through the cedar trees as it attempted to reach the ground. But that’s not why this post is late. We had homemade “frozen” fish a chips and barely noticed that they weren’t from the best fish and chips in White Rock, it’s all about change, and those days are far behind us now. There is no real takeout up here, we’ve made our peace with that part of our new life, but that’s not why this post is late.

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We toasted the previous year with some sparkly wine, although not made in this region, this being famous wine country it could easily have been.

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And then happy, and slightly warm, sitting on my couch, having just finished two glasses of sparkly wine, fish and chips, and a long walk gathering greens for Christmas, I fell asleep.

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I woke up a few hours later, with the high pitched warbling's of a PBD special on the TV of a Celtic version of “Danny Boy” giving me rather disturbing dreams, and that is why this post is late.

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You know what they say… wine woman and song… And that’s why this post is late.

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Why this post is late today + Words