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Waiting… what about you?
1-Snow dusting MBD-0111

It seems like we spend a lot of time just waiting. Waiting for Christmas to be just a little closer, so we can do what needs to be done just before it’s arrives, as if there aren’t many things to be done right now. And still knowing that the days before it are going by too fast to count and will never be back. Waiting for both inspiration, and energy to strike on the same day… that would be nice. Could you imagine how much I would get done? What about you?

2-Snow dusting MBD-0112

It might be the snow, the cold temperatures, the dark days, but it feels like we are waiting, maybe for the Winter Solstice to go by and then the days will slowly lengthen, that’s worth waiting for.

3-Snow dusting MBD-0113

Waiting for it to be over, so we can move ahead with our thoughts and plans for the garden in the spring. Or maybe we are waiting for the winter to end, with it’s predicted huge snowfalls and cold temperatures that everyone is saying “just you wait” about. That always sounds like a threat to me, more then a prediction. What about you?

4-Snow dusting MBD-0115

Well we are waiting… and waiting, and wanting it to be over. It’s not that I don’t like winter, actually other then the freezing cold hands, and toes, I am enjoying the season, but I want the dire weather to be over, or almost over, then I can relax. Until it’s summer, and everyone is predicting the hottest summer ever, “ just you wait.” I am waiting, what about you?

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