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Running on Bootsie time
1-Snow and more snow-0209

Sure there is lots to do to prepare for Christmas. There are cookies to bake and the tree needs to be brought in, the mantle decorated, more lights outside, lights inside. All manner of things need to be done. But we are running on Bootsie time… And when you run on Bootsie time, there is always time to explore the yard, watch the birds, and take a nap.

2-Snow and more snow-0213

It doesn’t matter if there are crafts waiting to be finished in the studio.

3-Snow and more snow-0218

Photos to be shot, ornaments to be hung, or plans to be made.

4-Snow and more snow-0223

It’s Bootsie time, and there are all sorts of amazing smells for him to explore.

6-Snow and more snow-0233

Time spent with Boo is time well spent.

5-Snow and more snow-0225

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Running on Bootsie time + Words