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Who's been messing in MY garden

I was watering the other day, and happily blissed out. Until near the end of the patio, there was this very unpleasant smell. It smells distinctly like CAT pee! Yuck! I know that Bootsie does not mess on our deck. But we have had quite a few nocturnal visitors lately, something about one-up-cat-manship. Or he who pees the smelliest, wins. So that's what I assumed it must be. I have a very strong sense of smell, and this was wafting over every nice fragrance that my garden could give out. So I diligently washed down all the floor, all the plants, and all the brick work. It took a long time, but there, now I could rest, I had gotten rid of the rank odour once and for all. Just as I finished and was winding up the hose, the stinkin odor came on strong again. This is impossible, I washed and misted every pot, every plant! Then I looked up and saw these… Broadway Lights, Daisy. This innocent looking pale yellow, summer long blooming, gorgeously behaved lovely was the culprit. And it stinks!

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Who's been messing in MY garden + Things