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Summer, I can smell Autumn on your breath

You’ve been cheating on me Summer… you said you would be so true.
You promised.
White clouds and green grass, blossoms, highlights, ice clinking in frosted glasses.
But lately I’ve realized that…

Find joy

I can smell Autumn.
The sweet scent of ripening apples.
I can see it in your eyes.
You’ve been wandering, casting your gaze over towards the other side, and it’s not fair.
You promised, you told us that it wouldn’t happen, and we believed you.
Completely trusted you, and you have betrayed us.
Every morning we got up, and thanked you for your warmth.
Golden, reaching through petals, leaves turning, sunlight streaming.
Each night we were grateful our skin smelling like sun, hair tousled, gardens satiated with growth.
Why isn’t that enough Summer?
What more could we give you?
It’s cooler here, you have been giving me the cold shoulder.and it’s not because I’m sleeveless.
Barefooted tan, sockless feet.
Last night, the very middle of the night, in that inky humid darkness, you crept out.
You met Autumn for your tryst.
How dare you lie to my face this morning.
“I can see it in your eyes and feel it in the way you kiss my lips
I can hear it in your voice whenever we are talking like this”

 Gordon Lightfoot The circle is small. 
 I can see it in your eyes Summer… you’re cheating on us. 

Summer fields

 The thundershowers with their deluge of liquid, soaking, tempering, flattening, the lightning that woke us at night… 
Summer you… you… I’ve lost my words just as you have lost your interest in us.
I see you waning, disappearing when you think we are not looking.
I can see it in the way you cast your light.
And then you return from behind cloud cover, intense, harsh, strongly denying any wrongdoing.
As if by acting like nothing had happened will make it so.
You lied.
Your light shines golden, but untruthful.

Shed in field

The garden knew all along, it’s conspiring with you.
Covering up, hiding your flaws, doing it’s best to take our gaze somewhere else.
Look here at my bright flowers, don’t look over there.
Each morning it lifts it head, and lies just like you do.
it’s all fine it tells us, it’s all going to last forever… no really it is.

Fence in field

The fields have told the truth, golden waves, chopped down by big machines, clouds of dust rising over the mountains.too soon they said.
The geese are calling from the sky.
The leaves are turning away from us.
Tell me the truth Summer, because I need to know… where do you go?
And why?

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Summer, I can smell Autumn on your breath + Story