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So… a woman walks into a paint store
4-Paint chips-1826

It’s no joke, a woman [me] really did walk into a paint store, and her poor husband sat outside in the truck while she did that. In the burning hot summer sun. Well, I guess he could have come into air conditioned store, but he choose not to. They tell you not to leave pets in cars during the summer, what about husbands? “Don’t be too long” he said. Of course I won’t, I’m, just getting a couple of color samples, I told him as I disappeared into the giant brush that doubled for a door. It’s only going to take a minute. And even after years of marriage he still believes me.

1-Paint chips-1787

Poor man, and it was hot, he had no water, but he could always have come into the store.

3-Paint chips-1824

Once inside the paint store with it’s colorful rainbows of chips, and buckets of beautifully labeled paint tins, rows of brushes, and a future of color coordination I was transported to another world. One where the bathroom could be any color other then flesh eating pink, and the hallways were not dark denim blue, or living rooms lavender.

5-Paint chips-1798

Give me a few suggestions for the main floor I asked, and after turning down numerous green and blue tinged samples we decided I was a earth tone kind of girl. Caramels, bisques, creams.

2-Paint chips-1789

Totally forgetting that my poor husband was outside in the heat, patiently waiting in a black truck. I turned up my nose at the light greeny aqua colors from the 50’s, you can still find farmhouses painted those colors up here. Retro or not, it’s been there, done that with those tones.

6-Paint chips-1830

Enraptured by the shades, the choices, the attention to detail the minutes ticked by. I finally left with a handful of choices only to find my husband a melted puddle on the floor of the truck. Would your loved one rather have waited in the hot sun, or been inside choosing endless shades of cream colors? Melting…

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So… a woman walks into a paint store + Time